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Lee Berg
Welcome to my Blog! I'm a Technical Product Manager, Content Producer, and Nerd. Here you will find a variety of topics on Information Security, Automation, and Cloud Datacenter!
2020 Side Projects for Fun

Recently, my day job has kept me extremely busy writing blogs, producing videos, and fighting fires on nights and weekends, so my social media posting and blogging frequency basically dropped down to nothing. However, I have been working on plenty of side projects as well as continuing to do presentations and working with user groups. I figured I would quickly write up a simple highlight real for some of the things I have been cooking up in 2020.

Here’s a small selection of some of the projects I have worked on this year.

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A New Job for the New Year!

After consulting for over 4 years the time has come for me to make a major career change.

Starting on January 22nd 2018, I will be starting a new role as a Technical Product Manager for STEALTHbits Technologies right here in Madison, Wisconsin.

I’m excited to join a team that contains some of the brightest developers I have personally worked with in the past (such as Adam Driscoll) to help build and ship some really cool cybersecurity products.

STEALTHbits Logo

After chatting about the role and finding out that the “product” in this case aligns with my interests and is similar to products I work with today I was very interested. After getting a chance to visit the team on-site and being asking to perform a technical product demo as part of the interview process… I was sold, I knew these guys and girls were the real deal.

This role is a big change for me, a change I am greatly looking forward to. When it comes down to it, the single thing I am most excited about is the fact that I will be given the opportunity to be challenged by and improve myself in my duties as a Product Manager.

I will absolutely be continuing to blog, speak at conferences/user groups, contribute to the community, and be a Microsoft MVP so I’m not going anywhere! These sorts of activities are now even part of my job description so I will actually be more engaged and will surely be doing some really incredible things. Thanks for reading this post and I hope to have some interesting things for you on the blog soon.

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Speaking at Experts Live US 2018 ⭐🌮🌶️🇺🇸 🐂

If you haven’t heard, the Experts Live Conference is coming to Texas in 2018!

The conference will be held at Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, located in The Woodlands, TX, just north of Houston!

Experts Live is primarily a technical conference, with deep dive technical topics broad range of Microsoft technologies including Azure, System Center, OMS, Automation, Virtualization (Azure Stack, Docker), EMS and Office 365, and more..

I am proud to annouce that I will also be speaking at this conference!


I will be speaking on the following Topics:

I’m very excited to be escaping the Wisconsin Weather to head down Texas for a few days for some great food, friends, learning new friend, and the great opportunity to present!


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My first Alexa Skill - "IT Service Management Facts"

I’ve published my first Amazon Alexa Skill!

You can find my free skill: IT Service Management Facts on the official Amazon Alexa Skill Store.

It’s a very simple skill, written in NodeJS. It has an embedded list of ~550 or so terms / definitions that have been harvested over the years relating to IT Service Management. Simply ask Alexa to: “open ITSM Facts” to get a random fact. When you interact with the skill, an Amazon AWS Lambda function is triggered to retrieve an ITSM fact.

Now… I know what you are thinking, this isn’t the most practical or interesting app in the world… but I published this skill as I was mostly interested in expanding my Alexa Skill development to include visual elements.

I actually have some items for a V2 of this skill that would allow voice interaction (Term lookup, quiz mode, etc.) and I even have an Amazon Echo Show on preorder, but for now, enjoy playing around with the IT Service Management Facts skill.

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Top 3 Considerations for Azure Functions with Azure PowerShell

A few weeks ago, I deployed a number of PowerShell Azure Functions for a very large customer. These functions were very simple and basically filled a gap to manage and schedule Azure Automation Runbooks. Azure Automation is a good product but it has some large gaps in its management and scheduling capabilities that we’ve filled with Azure PowerShell Functions.

Specifically, we have PowerShell Azure Functions to use the AzureRM PowerShell CMDlets to login to the Azure Subscription for the purpose of executing to evaluating Azure Automation jobs on Hybrid Runbook Workers.

After a few weeks, we had some major issues come up, that I believe are now resolved. Based on my experiences I have compiled MY Top 3 considerations for using Azure PowerShell in Azure Functions.

Please note that this post applies to LATE MAY 2017 - Everything is subject to change with new releases of the product!

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