I’ve published my first Amazon Alexa Skill!

You can find my free skill: IT Service Management Facts on the official Amazon Alexa Skill Store.

It’s a very simple skill, written in NodeJS. It has an embedded list of ~550 or so terms / definitions that have been harvested over the years relating to IT Service Management. Simply ask Alexa to: “open ITSM Facts” to get a random fact. When you interact with the skill, an Amazon AWS Lambda function is triggered to retrieve an ITSM fact.

Now… I know what you are thinking, this isn’t the most practical or interesting app in the world… but I published this skill as I was mostly interested in expanding my Alexa Skill development to include visual elements.

I actually have some items for a V2 of this skill that would allow voice interaction (Term lookup, quiz mode, etc.) and I even have an Amazon Echo Show on preorder, but for now, enjoy playing around with the IT Service Management Facts skill.