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MMS 2017 Recap

Over the past week, I have been speaking at the Midwest Management Summit 2017 Conference, in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This conference has a reputation for being an Excellent Conference and this year certainly lived up to those standards!

At this years MMS, I was on-stage for 6 Sessions, 1 Usergroup Presentation, and helped produce and participated in about a dozen Podcasts/Videos. I also attended some fantastic sessions, the speaker selection this year was a bit more selective so I was happy to be selected again and have a number of my sessions come into the “Top 10” highest rated sessions. As always catching up with all the great folks I am happy to call my friends was as always a highlight of the week!

In this post, I will include links to the code and an outline of my activities at the conference this year. This year was a not-stop barrage of activity that I feel I am still recovering from but it was all worth it and hope to participate again next year!

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Monitoring Azure Functions with Application Insights & OMS

Azure Functions is a great solution for building cloud-based “serverless” functions that run small and effiecient pieces of code to fill a wide array of automation / develpoment tasks. Right now, one of the biggest asks from my customers are ways to efficiently maintain, monitor, and manage their Azure Functions… Application Insights is a great tool that fits this purpose. Recently, new preview features relating to Azure Function and Application Insights Integration have been released as a public preview. This solution is extremely promising and useful even in it’s preview state!

We can also take a “build-it-yourself” route to monitor Azure Functions with Application Insights.

I wanted to write a post quickly summarizing some options available to monitor Azure Functions utilizing Application Insights. There are a good deal of Wikis, Github Repos, and Documents coming out on the subject but I wanted to summarize my findings (as of MAY 2017) in an actual blog post to help out others looking for a solution.

Before we get started… you might have noticed I mention Operations Management Suite “OMS” in the title of this blog post, well, not much to say here other than the fact that it is very easy to pull our Application Insights data into OMS, but more on that later…

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From WordPress to Jekyll with GitHub Pages!

WordPress, it’s not you… it’s me…

I have been running my blog on a dedicated webhost with WordPress for sometime now… lately I have struggled to keep up with blogging and maintaining my site.

My yearly renewal for my web host recently came up, and for some reason, over the years my price went from ~$90 (per year) to a new high of about $220. This was the final straw for me as I really was not a frequent blogger and for me… Wordpress just became a pain to use and maintain…

I am happy to announce, I am fully migrated to Jekyll on GitHub Pages - I’m already very happy with the move and am actually excited to get back into blogging.

Read more about GitHub Pages and Jekyll in this post

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Applications you can't live without? - Create a GIST!

In the last few months I have had to rebuild my desktop / laptop computers a number of times. This exercise has had me going through the motions of reinstalling all of my favorite applications time and time again.

We have many very easy to use tools to streamline the process, such as Chocolatey, Ninite, or NPM but often times I have felt the need to simply keep a running tally of all the various applications that I need to use regular basis or simply cannot live without.

Simple Solution - CREATE A GIST! Below is My GIST of all the various applications I install on my personal Windows workstations. It’s should come in handy for future personal reference, and I hope keeping a GIST of personal applications cathches on, as I would be very interested to see all the various applications other smart folks on GitHub use.

GIST Below:

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Deploying PowerShell Azure Functions with Visual Studio Team Services (Simple)

Many of my customers have started utilizing the new capabilities of Visual Studio Online: Visual Studio Team Services to manage and deploy production Azure Resources. I have been recently tasked with deploying and maintaining PowerShell based Azure Functions in such an environment.

After some research on integrating Azure Functions with VSTS (and having a limited background in Azure App Services) I wasn’t finding any short and simple explanations/documentation on this process. I needed a mature automated (One Click) way to deploy Azure Functions from a VSTS Code Repository. I did not / could not, by project requirement resort to using “custom code” / manual processes, so I wanted to outline the steps I took to help speed up the process for those new to Azure Functions.

This example will take a handful of files and folders in a VSO:VSTS Git Repository and deploy an entire App Service / Function App with 3 Azure Functions using Out Of Box Build Activities. I am NOT focusing on the STEP BY STEP process, this merely functions as a solution example. There are MANY ways to accomplish this task, but I consider this a fully-functional and easy implementation of this process.

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